Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Misa-Lisin

This article is from 2014

Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Misa-Lisin

Langasan Theatre company buy some easy exposure with traditional Taiwanese jewellery

Since receiving our rubber duckie from WithWings, the incessant tide of Big Fat Fringe Bribes had ceased almost immediately. Perhaps it was because all the other Festival performers sensed they wouldn't be able to top a visit from a metaphysical entity; perhaps it was because the Festival was well underway by that point, and performers had more important things to do like actually perform their shows. There was still one final surprise to arrive in the post, though – this beautiful Taiwanese necklace from Langasan Theatre, promoting their Misa-Lisin show.

Misa-Lisin is at Summerhall until Sun 24 Aug (not 18) at 5.20pm, and costs £12 (£10).

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Langasan Theatre (Taiwan) / Performance Infinity Langasan Theatre derives its name from Cilangasan mountain, and celebrates the remarkable fables and tales of the Cilangasan clan. As an Amis senior aboriginal performer in Taiwan, the founder Adaw Palaf incorporates performance with dancing, singing and story-telling…