Albee Vector the Sound Collector (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Albee Vector the Sound Collector

Engaging storytelling adventure for all the family at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

In the already thrilling surroundings of the Hispaniola, littered with caged skeletons and other Treasure Island artefacts, Greenlight Theatre create a level of entertainment of which even RLS would approve.

Albee Vector and his love, Andromeda, are storytellers who collect sounds with which to illustrate their tales. Faithful sound-hoover Mustard absorbs and bottles the sounds for later use. And in this tale, the audience helps provide the squelches and whooshes.

It is the story of the time Albee was sent on a quest to find the most lovely sound in the world, in order to save his Andromeda. Borrowing judiciously from the Greek myth – the blinding of the cyclops is a particularly enrapturing moment, with appropriately glutinous sound effects – they keep the young audience right at the heart of the story while ensuring that the adults in the big seats at the back are also entertained.

Sam Woolf as Albee with Kate Cavendish as a harp-playing Andromeda have the skills to get down to their audience's level. But also, as they create a whole range of ancillary characters, to keep in check the disruptive elements which naturally emerge from the open style. The play's message, that beauty is in the beholder's eye, is lightly made and the whole just leaves you wanting more.

Hispanoila, 557 3777, until 23 Aug, 2.50pm, free.

Albee Vector The Sound Collector

  • Written by: Sadie Spencer

Greenlight Theatre tell the tale of how Albee and Andromeda survived kings, curses and cruelty on their quest for beautiful sound in the world.