All at Sea (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

All at Sea

Weak script lets down fearless acting by trio at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Intuitive Creatures' All at Sea employs a huge amount of audience interaction, and nowhere in the room is safe. During one skit they even come in from the back and mingle with the people hanging around casually at the bar who were mistaken in thinking it was possible to not entirely commit themselves to the show. The trio appear fearless in how far they will push it.

This physical theatre group are also tight in their performances and every scene is excellently choreographed and executed. However, beyond these elements there is little substance to the show. Each skit appears underwritten, effectively one joke drawn out for far too long. There are a couple of sketches that they develop further, the best of which is the finale where a middle-class couple and the wife's sister cover up bad news with platitudes and sayings, but again it just goes on for too long.

Another routine that advocates allowing ourselves to become more reliant on other people has more gags and is a mite snappier but the final punchline is far too similar to a considerably more famous Little Britain sketch. The performances they have got down pat; now they just need a decent script.

The Cellar Monkey, 221 9759, until 23 Aug (not 16), 11.15pm, free.

All at Sea

  • 2 stars

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