Can't Stay Away! (1 star)

This article is from 2014

Can't Stay Away!

A messy experiment which feels more like an under-rehearsed work-in-progress

Some Fringe shows thrive on experimentation, with a loose structure which well serves an atmosphere of seeming spontaneity. Some merely fail. Sadly, Fourth Monkey's Can't Stay Away! falls into the latter category.

Examining an asylum seeker's appalling treatment from British racists, with many real-life testimonies from either side dotted in between the fragmented episodes, the cast of around twenty young people have a vibrancy and energy that undermine any coherent narrative. Only one vignette really hits the mark: a rich woman blowing her nose, wiping her shoes and putting on make-up with various bank notes. Any political bite, however, is missing, with the usual suspects receiving pot-shots: the tabloid press; bigots, capitalists, bankers et al. The asylum seeker is depicted as staggeringly naive, trusting everyone he meets – but, of course, all but one or two are out to steal from and beat him. It's all maddeningly simplified.

Fourth Monkey have botched an opportunity to examine the nuances of the immigration and migration debate here, in a clumsy production which feels more like a work-in-progress and seems under-rehearsed. It is a real pity, as their recent Angela Carter adaptations were lovely indeed.

Space, Niddry Street, 0131 510 2383, 7pm, 1-23 Aug, £11 (£9)

Can't Stay Away!

  • 1 star

Fourth Monkey Theatre Company ‘It was perfect’ ★★★★★ ( ‘Frankly wonderful’ ★★★★ (Scotsman). Based on Goldoni’s Harlequin’s 22 Misfortunes, critically acclaimed Fourth Monkey present Can’t Stay Away! In an hysterical climate of euro-scepticism and political parties kowtowing to the anti-immigration…