Unsung Edinburgh Festival Fringe Hero: Lesley Dobson

This article is from 2014

Unsung Hero

The Summerhall box office manager is one of the people who make the festival happen

What’s your job title?
During the festival I am box office manager at Summerhall.

So what do you actually do?
I set up over 120 shows (up to 2000 performances in three weeks) and hire and train a full-time box office team of eight. Our job as a team is to sell tickets and to represent our companies and our venue to the best of our abilities. My job is fast-paced, busy, stressful, fun, exciting, challenging, exhausting and, in my opinion, definitely one of the rewarding jobs in the festival.

Where are people likely to see you?
During the festival, I work in the Summerhall box office, or what we called the ‘fox office’ last year – it used to be the servitor’s office of the university and I’ve had to cover all windows with festival posters for privacy, so it’s a bit claustrophobic! But my door is always open.

What’s your most memorable Fringe experience?
Last year I had many good times – it is actually quite hard to think of any one experience, as the customers and company members can provide so much entertainment.

What’s the worst thing about your job?
I look forward to this part of my job for 11 months of the year as I really love it, but the festival still means long hours and not just working – there’s always something to go and see after work, and people to have a drink with. B ut I always try and get as much rest as possible – chocolate and coffee also help!