Interview: artist Alessandro Massimo on new show I’ll Be Your Mirror

This article is from 2014

*4Preview, Alessandro Massimo: I’ll Be Your Mirror

Artworks exploring the ideas of borders, boundaries and citizenship at the Edinburgh Art Festival

Alessandro Massimo’s interest in geographical borders started when he was researching the Biala river in Poland: ‘observing how the history and geographical configuration of some regions of Poland have changed around this river began my interest in how we construct boundaries, or how we use natural borders to define spaces … and how those spaces represent what we want reality to be.’

The Edinburgh-based artist’s first solo show in the city will present works centred on the theme of borders, boundaries, citizenship and European identity. ‘My aim is to show how borders have changed across the centuries,’ explains Massimo; ‘I create different pieces to highlight different stages of this metamorphosis.’ Works will include video installations, handmade maps and a series of paintings analysing common symbols of power. 

Massimo’s exhibition will also present the first edition of the publication ‘The Manifesto of Western Happiness’, an illustrated survey inspired by an ongoing participatory project which investigates the theme of happiness. ‘[Edition one] is an interactive word cloud which shows a series of terms collected from 139 people from 25 different countries about their idea of happiness,’ describes Massimo. ‘Behind this “simple” image of a word cloud, there is four months of investigation and a huge amount of data.’
Interviewroom 11, Wed 20 August until Sat 6 September, free.

Alessandro Di Massimo: I'll Be Your Mirror

Works by Edinburgh-based Italian artist, based on themes of borders, boundaries, citizenship and European identity.