Bill Clinton Hercules (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

*4bill Clinton Hercules

Pleasant enough character show that shies away from making any new insights

Bill Paisley nails Bill Clinton’s down-home patter and renowned charm in this new show from Guy Masterson and Rachel Mariner. The former US President’s story is ripe with dramatic potential – but this show is fairly unexciting.

As the audience files in, Paisley greets us in Clinton’s signature Arkansas twang, smiling at every punter. He sets a very comfortable tone for the ensuing 70 minutes, during which he treats us to anecdotes from his childhood, his political career and a few from his wife Hillary’s career too. Bill Clinton Hercules is at its most engaging when we hear about the former US President’s idols: John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Yitzhak Rabin and Nelson Mandela all get warm mentions, and there’s a particularly touching tale about fellow ex-President Jimmy Carter.

It’s pleasant but isn’t quite sharp enough to make the obvious political drama come to life, and Paisley – despite his Bubba-like agreeableness – noticeably stumbles over his lines on a few occasions. And although it captures Clinton’s raw ambition, it ultimately shies away from making any new insights into one of the most fascinating lives in modern politics.

Assembly George Square, 225 5366, until 24 Aug, 2pm, £11-£13 (£9-£11)

Bill Clinton Hercules

  • 3 stars

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