How I do the Edinburgh Fringe: Miguel Mantovani

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  • 14 August 2014

This article is from 2014

*4miguel Mantovani

Member of the Cuban Brothers on bringing night of music, dance, comedy and ‘historical fact’ to 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Miguel Mantovani is one of the Cuban Brothers, ‘born of the loins of 70s Havana’, and bringing a 2-night frenzy of music, dance, comedy and ‘historical fact’ to the Fringe

Sum up your show in five words.

Mind-bummingly fantastic entertainment friends.

For anyone still on the fence, what’s a surefire selling point?

My youngest brother Domemico, aka Juan Erection, is currently the junior face of Gucci.

What part of the Edinburgh festival do you most look forward to?

Breaking bread with old friends. Being back in my home city enjoying the energy and people.

What part of the Edinburgh festival do you dread?

The only slight vexafications are young avant-garde theatre groups wronging everybody in their path on the Royal Mile. If you’re gonna do some street shit, showbiz dictates that it's at least a little entertaining, you crazy, silent, freeze-framing, gurning planks.

At the first sign of an August meltdown, what will you reach for?

My chorizo! What else?

What other shows do you want to go see?

Andrew Maxwell, Lizzie Roper, Tony Law, Steve Frost and as much dance as I can see in five days. Any of my Korean, Japanese bros doing their thing in various performance capacities - that’s always dope.

What will you do on your days off?

We are only doing two shows, flying in from performances in Ibiza and out to do a mini tour taking in Bestival, Bali and the Balearics so no days off this year. Allow it!

Best Edinburgh memory?

Shazam! Our first Gilded Balloon shows in 1999, with Sacha Baron Cohen guest b-boying as Ali G nightly, and Phil Nichol on guitar; it was an amazing time for like-minded cats to jump in on each other's shows, whatever their respective expertise. Our shows didn't start till midnight so I was free to be a guest puppeteer with the *3Puppetry of the Penis lads which was beyond nonsense, and basically have it off in every manner imaginable. Fantastical times in the world’s greatest city at the finest arts festival in the universe, isn't it? (Claire Sawers)

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, 21 & 22 Aug, 10.30pm, £15.

The Cuban Brothers

An evening with the comic Latin funkmeisters.