Industry heavyweights tackle the state of Britain’s media at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

This article is from 2014

*4media Series At The Fringe

Gavin Esler, Polly Toynbee, Iain Martin, Ray Perman, Peter Jay and Chris Mullin debate media issues

Amid the multitude of opportunities for escapism available during the Fringe, the University of Edinburgh Business School’s Media Series at the Fringe is rooted very much in the real world, gathering a lineup of esteemed journalists to discuss the current state and future of the media.

Professor Chris Carter of the Business School will chair six discussions with some of the most influential names in British media. 'I think collectively they capture the very best of the British media,' says Professor Carter. 'The idea was to get a leading broadcaster (Gavin Esler, 17 Aug), leading columnists from the left (Polly Toynbee, 23 Aug) and the right (Iain Martin, 14 Aug), a highly regarded financial journalist (Ray Perman, 18 Aug), someone who has been associated with major changes in the media (Peter Jay, 20 Aug), and a politician who was involved in one of the major pieces of investigative journalism of the late 20th century (Chris Mullin, 19 Aug) to talk about the big issues in the media.'

Organised around themes of leadership, accountability and trust, the series seeks to engage the public with some of the major issues that have faced the media in recent years, offering a space for the audience to think, and reflect on, the nature of the media that society wants, and how to uphold the quality of British media (which Carter describes as 'the best quality media in the English speaking world') in an era where quality newspaper journalism struggles to compete against the immediacy, and ubiquity, of its online and broadcast counterparts.

'If the series gets people into the Business School who never normally come through our doors, and if it contributes to people thinking about the issues the media faces, then we will be delighted,' says Carter.

University of Edinburgh Business School, 623 3030, 14, 17–20, 23 Aug, 7pm (except 20 Aug, 4pm), free.