Art Rooms (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Art Rooms

Black Cube Collective's less orthodox encounter with contemporary art showcases brilliant new talent

Set in the 17th-century Cockenzie House, 30 minutes out of Edinburgh, the Black Cube Collective’s Art Rooms offers a less orthodox encounter with contemporary art. As well as an exhibition, with artists displaying work throughout the house and garden, events and artist residencies will unfold over seven weeks, with an emphasis on reaching out to local residents.

Though more is to come, the exhibition is a promising start: despite containing a diverse group of artists, the show comes together remarkably well. Sculptures scattered in the garden space filter in to the building, where artwork creeps up the stairs and stretches through the rooms and hallways.

Brown’s ‘Ringer’ provides a near-constant sonic accompaniment, lending the experience a treasure-hunt feel while wandering through the house. Inside, exquisite laser cuts intersect with bold rough-cut wooden sculptures, videos with static works, and crisp photographs with tactile collage-style displays. And despite the artworks focusing on topics as dissimilar as witch trials, the World War I, and encounters while dog walking, each engrosses equally.

Contemporary art and a country house may sound like an uneasy fit, yet Art Rooms has proven otherwise with this coherent exposition of upcoming artistic talent.

Cockenzie House, Cockenzie, until Sun 28 Sep.

Art Rooms

  • 4 stars

A new programme of exhibitions and education from Black Cube Collective, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, video and performance art.