Spencer Brown (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Spencer Brown

Repetitive sex obsessed show becomes tiresome at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Spencer Brown reads as a sex-obsessed thirty-something offering a whole load of gags about doing the deed laced with an exposé of contemporary society. Naturally, all this is framed with observational anecdotes about his wife, young daughter and dinner parties. The material hovers around middling on the humour scale, with Brown jumping between embarrassing things toddlers say and the intricacies of anal sex. The social revelations, when they appear, are insightful but less than mind-blowing, covering beauty norms, internet pornography and over-use of smartphones.

Utilising forceful delivery, he demonstrates a good working knowledge of how to craft both a joke and a set. There is a chance that this hour is sustained character comedy and Brown has constructed a sex-obsessed persona who thinks he’s being progressive with the aim of ridiculing himself, but that would be an optimistic assessment. Heck, there’s a chance that this is an avant-garde experiment in which a comedian writes a perfectly functional set then replaces 60% of the nouns with ‘penis’.

There are some good moments to be found either side of the mimed fellatio et al but not enough to sustain an hour of juvenile filth, whether you view his persona ironically or not. Brown does own a good singing voice, though, and one of his numbers wasn’t even about genitalia.

The Three Sisters, 622 6801, until 24 Aug (not 18), 7.45pm, free.

Spencer Brown

  • 2 stars

Spencer Brown / Free Festival A free stand-up show from the ‘underground comedy genius’ (BBC Radio 2). He’s presented The Sexy Ads Show (Channel 5), Lip Service (ITV2 with Holly Willoughby) and he’s also done stuff that he’s proud of. He’s acted in Nathan Barley, directed a short film that’s won so many awards it’s…