Profile: Mike Carey set for two appearances at 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival

This article is from 2014

Profile: Mike Carey set for two appearances at 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival

Comic writer to discuss recent novels The Unwritten and The Girl With All the Gifts

Liverpool-born, Oxford-educated Mike Carey was a teacher for fifteen years before he broke into comics, but since then his workrate has been prolific across a wide range of titles, from underground, creator-owned efforts to some of the ‘Big Two’s largest commercial properties. He’ll be discussing his work at Edinburgh International Book Festival at two events as part of Stripped.

Where did he start out on comics?

In hard-edged UK comic anthology Toxic! at the turn of the 1990s and on into comic biographies of Ozzy Osbourne and metal band Pantera for American publisher Malibu. His writing career began in earnest at the end of the decade with work for seminal sci-fi anthology 2000AD, for whom he co-created the series Th1rt3en and gangster meets demonic possession thriller Carver Hale.

What do we know him for?

If you’re a genre comics reader, you’ll be aware of his runs on titles like Marvel’s X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four, with a stint on DC/Vertigo’s Hellblazer another high-profile appearance. The latter is more representative of his usual work in the realm of fantastic realism for Vertigo, including Lucifer, a spin-off of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, the short-lived homage to Asian cinema Crossing Midnight and the successful fantasy story within a fantasy story The Unwritten.

What will he be discussing here?

The Unwritten, alongside fellow graphic novelist Isabel Greenberg, and his recent novel The Girl With All the Gifts, about a young girl in a dystopian, zombie-infested future. Although it’s his most notable novel to date, it’s not Carey’s first: the heavy comics-writing schedule has also allowed him time to write a few instalments in his Felix Castor series over the last decade.

Mike Carey & Ken MacLeod: Breathing Life Into Zombies, Wed 13 Aug
Mike Carey & Isabel Greenberg: Epic Journeys, Graphic Novels, Thu 14 Aug.

Mike Carey & Isabel Greenberg

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