Dalloway (4 stars)

This article is from 2014


Ben Guest

Dyad Productions present a powerful rendering of Woolf’s novel at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The war is over, and London swells with the bubbling heat of summer, the squeals of omnibuses and the chatter of the socially ambitious. Such is the world of Woolf’s novel and the spirit evoked in Dalloway by Dyad Productions. This solo performance by Rebecca Vaughan crackles with warmth and colour, with Vaughn’s Clarissa Dalloway skipping like a stone through the world of party preparations and repressed desire.

Loquacious and meditative in smaller doses, Elton Townend Jones’ adaptation and direction allow the vivid descriptions of the text to ring through. Vaughan’s performance of war veteran Septimus Warren Smith provides a chilling balance to the upper echelons of high society that make up the rest of the character roster. The intersecting afternoons of Smith and Dalloway provide an evocative portrait of the doubts, anxieties and pyres beneath the glitz and glamour of a former age.

With the assistance of atmospheric sound and lighting, Dalloway is a strong offering in the plethora of solo shows at the Fringe. Dyad present a sprawling metropolis of language, brought to life through a lively performance.

Assembly Roxy, 623 3030, until 25 Aug (not 12), 11.30am, £12–£13 (£11–£12).


Theatrical adaptation of Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, which is concerned with the aftermath of World War I.