One Man Breaking Bad (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

One Man Breaking Bad

A mixed bag of a tribute to crystal meth-based comedy

Miles Allen’s commitment to Breaking Bad cannot be over-estimated. He claims to have become almost Jehovah Witness-like in his devotion, doorstepping strangers to tell them the good news about his favourite show. Luckily, he’s preaching to the converted here, a show-of-hands suggesting only a clutch of people have yet to watch the series in its entirety.

Once the predictable preamble of equating Edinburgh with hardcore substance abuse is out the way, he gets into his show’s meat: ‘60 episodes in 60 minutes’ (yes, OK, there were 62 episodes, but let’s not let a little detail get in the way of a neat tagline). He does veer off-script to stick in some of his own punchlines and to speculate on how other films and TV shows would be improved if they had key characters uttering a Jesse-like ‘bitch’ more often.

But this show lives and dies on the quality of the impersonations. And frankly, it’s variable. The muted response to Walter White may be due to his general unpopularity, but it could be that Allen’s take is not especially good. His Jesse is fine, but he’s totally nailed Mike, Walt Jnr and Hank. For those of us who thought Breaking Bad was way over-rated, this mixed bag is the ideal tribute.

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One Man Breaking Bad

  • 3 stars

One man. Sixty minutes. Sixty episodes. Shedloads of knowledge. Miles Allen brings TV smash Breaking Bad to life, all by himself.