Dead Ghost Star (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Dead Ghost Star

Alternative child-friendly comedy is space oddity lost in a vacuum at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This hour of nonsense clowning in space is a bit like Spike Milligan on MDMA, or Edward Lear doing a guest appearance at the Hacienda. Cheekykita and Mr Dinner bring their odd space odyssey to a hidden room in the flyer-covered maze of Cowgatehead, accompanied by the music of New Order, David Bowie and Yann Tiersen, with miniature green glow sticks provided.

It’s a lo-fi ride, complete with a nicely shonky set and props; star dust and star juice are sprinkled and squirted over the mesmerised, baffled crowd, and boiler suits and sparkly curtains help tell the story of supernovas, black holes and a sleaze called Henry Smoothy. It’s a show that really doesn’t benefit from explanation on paper; you’ll just have to take it on good faith that an unlikely mimed lizard ballet to ‘Blue Monday’ is a highlight, thanks to charming-weirdo Mancunian, Cheekykita, an oddball physical comedian whose face contorts sublimely between cute dimwit to fierce abyss.

Meanwhile, Mr Dinner floats about in slo-mo, like a grown-up Petit Prince, looking for a friend in the lonely vacuum of the cosmos. It’s alternative (read: enjoyably batshit), child-friendly comedy gibberish, for those who like an astral flight of fantasy into the very weird.

Cowgatehead, 226 0000, until 23 Aug, 5pm, free.

Dead Ghost Star

Duo Sonja Doubleday and Donal Coonan present a show combining clowning, comedy and storytelling.