The Creative Martyrs: Cabapocalypsaret (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

*4The Creative Martyrs: CABAPOCALYPSARET

Edinburgh Festival Fringe cabaret show that is equal parts Weimar Republic and Noel Coward

Beatboxing and rapping about ethnic cleansing? Thrash ukulele? Massive hip-flasks? Welcome to the shadowy domain of the Creative Martyrs. Gustav and Jacob, on ukulele, cello and oddball percussion, are building a Utopian state with more than a little help from the eager and lairy audience.

In their pan-stick facepaint, vintage garb and black eye make up, the satirical maestros come across as Laurel and Hardy (Gustav is a pedant, Jacob the cynic) who have read Brecht, and their shtick has a political and philosophical cunning. They are slyly subversive – even their jolly drinking anthems to apathy are laiden with a sense of injustice. Pouncing on the audience, but never in a way that is threatening, a sense of inclusivity forms their ethos.

Taking suggestions for how to improve the world (‘What is the problem?’ they enquire. ‘Simon Cowell’, one wag retorts) in between sweeping pithy cabaret show-tunes, which sit in a curious, bawdy hinterland between the Weimar Republic and Noel Coward, they may have just crafted a new Belle Epoch worth escaping to. After all, just look at the alternative. Actually, don’t.

Voodoo Rooms, 0131 556 7060, until 24 Aug, 8.30pm, pay what you like.

The Creative Martyrs: Cabapocalypsaret

  • 4 stars

…after the apocalypse, life goes on in the Cabapocalypsaret; The Creative Martyrs play, pluck, strum and urge you to sing along, as we strive onwards toward civilisation… ‘satirical, Weimar-tinged wit’ ★★★★★ (BroadwayBaby). Do join us…