Sophie Wu is Minging, She Looks Like She’s Dead (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

*4sophie Wu Is Minging, She Looks Like She’s Dead

Amusing monologue on teenage years from Fresh Meat from Kick-Ass actress

Sophie Wu is currently forging a decent acting career for herself, picking up supporting roles in the Kick-Ass franchise and Channel 4’s Fresh Meat. She wasn’t always so successful, though: in her teenage years, she suffered intense bullying at the hands of her peers. It’s the subject of her solo show, in which the teenage Wu attempts to locate the infamous ‘Banter Book’ - a journal kept by all the boys in school, rating the girls based on their looks.

Wu delivers her monologue in a writerly style that is by turns amusing and slightly irritating – the boys are all ‘orcs’, and any overweight girl is a ‘sow’. It’s an Adrian Mole-style affectation that often grates, but suits the teenage Wu’s melodramatic attitude. She speaks confidently and wittily about her crush on unlikely paramour Glen and her cringeworthy fashion faux pas, while rendering her fellow Edinburgh Academy pupils in pitch-perfect Scottish accents.

You could argue that Wu misses an opportunity by not linking her tale into the wider feminist narrative, but that wouldn’t be in keeping with the voice of the teenage Wu, who just wants to snog Glen, have friends and throw some shapes at the school disco.

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Sophie Wu is Minging, She Looks Like She's Dead

  • 3 stars

Sophie Wu / Soho Theatre / PBH's Free Fringe Star of Channel 4’s Fresh Meat, Sophie Wu rises magnanimously above taking petty revenge for her teenage humiliations, in her well-balanced, light and sane debut show. ‘Sophie Wu is almost too good’ ★★★★ (Times). ‘Sophie is an isolated child’ (Mrs Peckham, Geography). ‘Sophie…