Interview: Lior Kalfo of Voca People on how he survives the Edinburgh festivals

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  • 10 August 2014

This article is from 2014

HOW I DO EDINBURGH voca people

Director of Voca People show talks about the highs and lows of August in the capital

Can you sum up your show in five words?

Out-of-this-world musical experience

For anyone still on the fence, what’s a surefire selling point?

The best music this earth has to offer in an innovative comical-theatrical framework. Already seen by 1 million viewers worldwide.

What part of the Edinburgh festival do you most look forward to?

As a creator, the wonderful sound of loud clapping and standing ovations. As a person, the wonderful sleep after such hard work.

What part of the Edinburgh festival do you dread?

Scratcher is afraid the Voca People spaceship will not restart after almost a month here in Edinburgh. But I am sure it will – as it is powered by musical energy, and we have picked up so much here in this lovely city

At the first sign of an August meltdown, what will you reach for?

My four kids and wife. For Scratcher, it’s Irn Bru – the best discovery in the universe!

What other festival shows do you want to go see?

Reduced Shakespeare Company: A Complete History of Comedy, The Living Paper Cartoon

What will you do on your days off?

Go and see more shows. And rest. Scratcher is saying they must collect more music of these wonderful large tubes the Scottish are playing on. I think he means – bagpipes.

Best Edinburgh memory?

We were leafleting the other day in Princes Street. A guy came over, saying he was from London and that he had seen the show last night. He had tears in his eyes when he told us how moved he was by the show and he had a simple wish – to hug the Vocas. So we stood there in the street. A stranger from London and eight strangers from the planet Voca… hugging.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 25 Aug (not 12, 19), 6pm, £14.50--£16 (£13–14.50)

Voca People

The YouTube sensations take their show on the road – expect a capella / beatboxing and mouth music like you've never heard before.