Ctrl+Alt+Delete (2 stars)

This article is from 2014


Stultifying and unedifying political performance poetry narrative

Amy Jones is a spunky white girl growing up in South London with pictures of Nelson Mandela and the Spice Girls in her bedroom. We discover this through the medium of student night poetry slam, home video and, in case we miss the point, a Spice Girls soundtrack.

Emma Packer, the comedian-actor-performer, brings the simpering voiced Amy to life with panache. Sadly, Amy is a quite unbelievably convenient tick list of issues - politicised by her posters, abused by her racist mother, taken in by her black best friend's family, tempted to take part in the London riots - wrapped up in a bouncing bundle of woeful rhymes. Home with garden gnome. Jean Charles Menezes with contact lenses. Camel hoof with roof.

There are more visuals - a YouTube agitprop compilation - and music - Lily Allan’s 'Fuck You' - to reassure us that we have not stumbled into a romantic comedy. The effect of all these issues, visuals, ideas and clanking word plays in one 45 minute show is stultifying and, in the end, unedifying.

Zoo Southside, 0131 662 6892, until 24 Aug (not 13, 20), £7 (£6).


  • 2 stars
  • Written by: Emma Packer

Emma Packer's one-woman show about a young girl who refuses to conform in this controlling world.