Ellie Taylor: Elliementary (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

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Debut littered with comic gems that hops back and forth across the feminist line

Word of mouth has spread so quickly about Ellie Taylor’s debut Fringe show that the tiny venue is standing room only. This reviewer was lucky enough to get a seat literally at her feet, with an excellent view of her footwear and in the splash zone for any saliva-ridden explosions.

Taylor’s boots are functional-looking but a zip up the side highlights the decorative nature of her laces. The comedy of Elliementary is similarly contradictory. As an ex-model, she proclaims herself to be a feminist icon (with a fair degree of irony) then undercuts this by admitting her all-consuming desire for a husband. She hops back and forth across the feminist line and while her material on the female experience is often insightful, she at time appears to be non-ironically falling prey to the celebrity culture and body fascism she claims to reject. Perhaps it’s all a hangover from her days as presenter of BBC Three’s Snog Marry Avoid? and its suspect definition of ‘natural’ beauty.

A fine debut, littered with comic gems, your own interpretation of Taylor’s show is a matter of perspective. Sitting at her feet it’s difficult to see where she’s coming from or indeed going, but her journey there is well worth watching.

The Counting House, 667 7533, until 22 Aug (not 11), noon, free.

Ellie Taylor: Elliementary

  • 3 stars

Bubbly banter and energetic, upbeat wit from the former contestant on ITV's Show Me The Funny.