Mock Tudor (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Mock Tudor

Photo: Bronwen Sharp

Satire on jobbing actor doing 16th century re-enactments at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Conceptually, Lily Bevan's Mock Tudor seems promising, a satire on the life of the jobbing actor doing 16th century re-enactments for tourists. Bevan (also starring as Sophie, who keeps missing cues and botching her Spanish accent when playing Catherine of Aragon) has assembled a fine cast here, but it's inconsistent.

A sleazy boss, Kent Rawlinson (Fraser Millward, playing the kind of insidious lecher popularised by Stephen Mangan, all eyes and teeth) wants to make their historical homages modern by bringing 'virtual palaces' in and re-branding through Google. The cast want no part of it – particularly 'proper' actor Jess (a fantastic Sophie Bleasdale) and likeable Sam (Will Rastall – also excellent) who believe in artistic integrity – even if they're not sure when the codpiece was invented, or, indeed which of Henry VIII's wives was which.

Initially, it's hilarious – beards which look like they are constructed with pubic hair, braying James Mason voices, even a voice-over by the real Michael Sheen. But the joke becomes as threadbare as the velvet bodices, and the outcome predictable. Jess and Sam's budding romance is sweet though, and it's always fun seeing people in period costume singing Jessie J songs.

Pleasance, O131 556 6550, until 23 Aug, (not 11), 1.45pm, £10 (£8).

Mock Tudor

  • 2 stars

by Lily Bevan Welcome to Hampton Court Palace. The year is 1533. Please turn off your mobile phones. Jess, Sophie and Sam re-enact Henry VIII's weddings, feasts and river pageants. They take pride in authenticity. Well, they try. They aren't sure if potatoes exist yet. Can you wear glasses with a kirtle? Now visitor…