Danny Buckler: Punch (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Danny Buckler: Punch

Quality patter that instantly engages in hour exploring fantasy vs reality of life

Russell Brand is right. There's definitely an air of Tony Hancock about Danny Buckler, a dreamer who's constantly disappointed by how life lets you down. You might be the hero in the film that plays within your head, but the truth is you're often the fool.

Buckler's a realist rather than a cynic. For him, there's a wonder at the world and the rich smorgasbord of possibilities laid out before you. His theme of 'fantasy vs reality' is a great jumping-off point from which meander through his life, from boxing lessons to discussing the doors of perception opened by LSD. There's even a brief magical interlude, although it's not a complete non-sequitur as it follows a spirited defence of the old-school showmanship of Paul Daniels over the flashy but monosyllabic Dynamo. He also lays claim to probably the best Brian Blessed anecdote in the world - an absolute stonker that had the whole room in stitches.

Time touring as Jon Richardson's support has honed his delivery, and this is quality patter that instantly engages, putting the audience at their ease with some scatological humour and acting the buffoon, while sneaking in the odd nugget of amazingly insightful commentary on the modern condition.

Cowgatehead, 226 0000, until 25 Aug, 6.15pm, free.

Danny Buckler: Punch

  • 3 stars

Danny Buckler / La Favorita Freestival Fresh from supporting Jon Richardson on tour, Danny Buckler returns to the Fringe with his brand new hour of killer theatrical stand-up, Punch. ‘Fab - set to be a star of British comedy’ (Sun). ‘Buckler has it all’ ★★★★ (Skinny). ‘A Hancockian treasure’ (Russell Brand). Age category…