Marcel Lucont: Is (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Marcel Lucont: Is

Witty, intelligent and pitch-perfect takedown of British culture from Frenchman

Marcel Lucont is better than you, effortlessly so and over the course of the show through his musings, poetry and song this French bon vivant and raconteur explains why, mostly by highlighting the shortcomings of everybody who is not French.

Arriving on stage to the strains of a specially-written Bond-style intro, he conjures up images of Serge Gainsbourg as he stands there barefoot with glass of red wine held aloft. He ponders our customs and ways with part confusion and part condescension, from our relationship with food to the use of extraneous adjectives and he picks apart aspects of our culture (a poem about music festivals with accompanying video is inspired). Interspersed throughout he reads extracts from his autobiography which allow him to move away from the observational aspects and wring laughs from the overblown nature of his character as he highlights his own charm and sexual prowess.

The alter ego of Londoner Alexis Dubus this is what character comedy should be, the jokes all work on their own and Lucont is used to enhance them rather than paper over thin ideas. Aside from a slightly stilted Q&A section which threatens to derail the closing stages of the show, this is witty, intelligent and pitch perfect.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 25 Aug (not 11), 10pm, £11-£12 (£10-£11).

Marcel Lucont's Whine List

Alexis Dubus's quick-witted Gallic alter ego muses on mortality, masculinity and his own magnificence.