Nev: Gold (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Nev: Gold

Surreal hour shows promise despite shortcomings with venue

The vast majority of free venues are great but occasionally things go wrong and it has to be mentioned here because it was so detrimental to the show. In The Wee Pub it's the massive amount of noise bleed from next door, people wandering in and talking loudly and the lack of a curtain at the back of the stage reveals the street view outside.

So all credit to Nev that he ploughed on for the full time under such circumstances. There's a semblance of a surreal tale here, a journey to France by coach, a caravan with a library of crap books – most of which he reads from. But surreal isn't as easy to pull off as it might look and much of the show doesn't work. Perhaps Nev's trying a bit too hard to be mysterious (he spends the whole show wearing shades) rather than concentrating on the writing, or maybe bouncing his ideas off other people. However there are some nice moments to be found here, such as elements of his Mr Blobby routine. It feels mean putting a star rating on this given the problems, but there's promise here in a not yet ready show. Maybe next year.

The Wee Pub, 220 1246, until 24 Aug, 10pm, free.

Nev: Gold

  • 2 stars

Nev / Free Festival Who is Nev? He’s a comedian shrouded in mystery, an enigma hidden behind dark sunglasses. Powered by voodoo black magic juju, Gold is surreal, atmospheric, dark, sharp, hypnotic, inventive, angry and heartbroken. Join Nev on a quest for his own El Dorado that will take him to the very edge of sanity.