A Kitchen Nightmare (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

*4a Kitchen Nightmare

Impressionist Liam Hourican covers a lot of ground with sparse material at the Edinburgh Fringe

In an hour with a handful of impressions that impressively and accurately skewer the target, Gerry Adams, Micky Rourke and Peter Stringfellow are among those taking their turn in the satirical spotlight. Liam Hourican, who’s been in Very Important People and The IT Crowd, plays the characters with the right levels of self-importance / aggression / amusingly dodgy wig / fake teeth (delete as appropriate).

The Irishman’s a wiry, versatile and intense talent, ably complemented by wry right-hand man Jim Roche who makes a subtle reference to the collapsed Celtic tiger. And connecting the various impressions is the character of Irish Premier and bareknuckle boxer Mick O’Connor, clad in a string vest and ‘desperate to settle into a long-term feud’.

It’s a subversive look at male friendship and macho aggression, and a suitable segue into the Gordon Ramsay / Kitchen Nightmares parody. Deservedly the show’s hook, it’s a biting parody of a sketch, although perhaps a little longer than would be ideal, and elsewhere, a little punching-up on gags on the likes of Ryanair wouldn’t go amiss. The string vests serve as something of a metaphor for the show: amusing but often covering a lot of ground where a little more material would be very welcome.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 24 Aug (not 12), 6.40pm, £7– £9 (£6.50– £8).

A Kitchen Nightmare

  • 2 stars

Live Nation in association with Mike Leigh Associates Fightin' Irishman Mick Connor is desperate to settle down into a long-term feud. All his brothers and most of his cousins are already sorted, poor Mick just can't find the right person. His search takes him into the disparate realms of bare-knuckle boxing, am-dram and…