Sean McLoughlin: I Will Prevail (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

*4sean Mcloughlin: I Will Prevail

Neurotic comedian has no need to worry about his performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

You could argue pretty compellingly that neurosis can be grist to the mill for stand-up, and Sean McLoughlin fuses the former with the latter in a self-deprecating and accessible set. Telling the audience that 'it's going to get darker before it gets lighter', he also warns them that they're 'not getting the perspective of a genius, more an Alan Shearer level of intellect'. He's selling himself short, although admittedly it’s hard to think of better comparisons (the 'Joey Barton' level of intellect, say, doesn’t perhaps quite convey the intended message).

Picking ripe comedy fruit from his school reports, relationship and cash-strapped life in his Brighton home town, as well as related stresses, McLoughlin also alludes to 'tough things' having happened, genuinely seeming to be understating the case. Although regularly worrying about how he's coming across, the flipside of a neurotic mind is a meticulous eye for detail, and there's no need to fret when he delivers some corkers of punchlines to smartly constructed gags.

Closing the set on a touchingly positive note, overall it's not so much 'must try harder' as McLoughlin sitting potentially on the cusp of far greater recognition on the back of a strong comic voice very competently delivered.

Espionage, 477 7007, until 24 Aug (not 12), 5pm, free.

Sean McLoughlin: I Will Prevail

  • 3 stars

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