Neel Kolhatkar in GENeration comedY (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

*4neel Kolhatkar In Generation Comedy

Disappointing Fringe debut of observational comedy from 20-year-old

On the back of modest YouTube success with observational videos about his life in contemporary Australia, Neel Kolhatkar makes a disappointing Fringe debut. Drawing on similar content to that of his videos, he offers a mix of personal anecdotes and comparisons of various racial stereotypes. Most of the punchlines fail to garner an iota of the response he expects, leading to an increasingly uncomfortable 40 minutes as he tries to raise the room.

There is one stand out bit in which he successfully replicates a Scottish accent and accompanying aggressive attitude to talk about language. A few lively moments with the audience could have been exploited to greater effect but, after asking direct questions, Kolhatkar often ignores or overrides their answers displaying a lack of experience working a live crowd.

Kolhatkar positions himself as a youth comedian and his meagre time on this planet is never better exemplified than by his over-use of the phrase ‘kids these days’ as if, at 20, he is no longer one of them. To an audience too young to drink, his shtick might have some appeal, but to those who have been to a comedy club or two, there’s nothing new or enjoyable about watching an inexperienced comedian flounder.

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, until 25 Aug (not 11), 8.15pm, £9-£10.

Neel Kolhatkar in GENeration comedY

  • 2 stars Neel Kolhatkar in GENeration comedY. A verifiable Youtube sensation, Neel is one of Australia's fastest rising comedians. Now he brings his debut show GENeration comedY to Edinburgh after selling out seasons in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. GENeration comedY delves into Neel's experiences growing up, the…