Chris Boyd: Caution to the Wind (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Chris Boyd: Caution to the Wind

Confident performance fails to mask flimsy material and insufficient comedy at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

From the outset, Chris Boyd announces that his show isn’t really a comedy. Although he describes Caution to the Wind as storytelling, he’s being disingenuous as what follow are fragments of comedy and it’s a shame there’s no story to bind them.

Boyd explains he’s fascinated with wind, specifically tornadoes. He ambles on at length about his passion but, surprisingly, he imparts practically nothing from his knowledge. Video clips sometimes interrupt proceedings but generally bring nothing to bear other than to give Boyd a short break. Sporadically, he makes a bad joke before acknowledging the groans, and it’s ironically in these moments of mocking self-reference that his ability as a comedian pokes through. But these fleeting glimpses barely get a look in before he’s off again, talking about wind. Towards the end he tries to raise the tempo by crowbarring in a callback that makes little sense.

Occasionally, Boyd dabbles in audience participation and the crowd is happy to indulge him as he’s an affable host. Boyd is a reasonably confident performer but his material here is so flimsy it’s in danger of blowing away.

Banshee Labyrinth, run ended.

Caution to the Wind

  • 2 stars

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