Adian Goately: Films With My Dad (2 stars)

Affable and likeable raconteur of autobioigraphical tales and observational material


This article is from 2014.

10 Films With My Dad

Aidan Goatley lives in Brighton, managed a pet shop, worked at a gay club and studied scriptwriting. The premise for this show is how, with all that in mind, he navigates a relationship with his traditionally masculine, navy engineer father. Hint: the title is a big clue.

From the first instance he conjures the excitement of the lights going down at the beginning of an eagerly anticipated film. The classic Pearl & Dean ‘pa pa pah’ music plays, trailers for other shows in the same venue appear and the scent of popcorn is practically in the air when he announces himself via ‘Star Wars’-style floating text.

An affable and likeable raconteur, he delivers an hour of autobiographical tales and observational material thematically bonded by films of the action, sports and Western genres, even throwing in a few pre-recorded skits as well. This is a fluffier take on the ‘difficult relationship with my dad’ genre (his dad isn’t even dead) and the stage is set for a proficient hour of entertainment but, frustratingly, his material doesn’t live up to the setting. The content elicits a continuous rolling chuckle but stops short of the necessary belly laughs.

Voodoo Rooms, 226 0000, until 24 Aug, 2.30pm, free.

10 Films with My Dad

  • 2 stars

Aidan Goatley / PBH Free Fringe How do fathers and sons communicate? For Aidan and his dad it was films. Find out how in 'the most, charming, happy and optimistic show you'll see' ( Now in its forth year! Possibly the odd swear. Nothing major. Age category: 14+


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