Little On The Inside (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Little On The Inside

Katherine Leedale

Dynamic production and intense snapshot into life in a women's prison

Performed in the appropriately bleak environs of the Anatomy Theatre of Summerhall, this two-hander from Clean Break productions is a vigorous exploration of the relationship between two imprisoned women, A (Estella Daniels) and B (Sandra Reid). Written by Alice Birch and directed by Lucy Morrison, the commendably-brief 40-minute running time is given over to a furious debate between A and B as they reflect on the reasons for their imprisonment, the potential for future on the outside, and what separation might mean for their relationship.

It could be said that Birch doesn’t develop the characters enough; the narrative only reveals rather than develops their situation. But Daniels and Reid conjure up a whirlwind of trapped energy, using the space well to harangue each other and the audience, and bringing a frightening intensity to the internecine relationship between the women.

Birch’s play shows promise for development; even if it’s just a snapshot of what life in a women’s prison is like, this small-scale but dynamic production pulls no punches in involving an audience.

Summerhall, 0845 874 3001, Until Aug 24 (Not 6, 13, 20) £11 (£9).

Little on the inside

  • 3 stars

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