Figs in Wigs: Show Off (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Figs in Wigs: Show Off

Manuel Vason

Comedy quintet exploring social media malaise at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Need to be surgically removed from your branded phone/tablet/social networking site? Figs In Wigs' mischievous cabaret Show Off explores this modern malaise, from deadpan dance routines where they crash into each other (too busy tweeting) to stream-of-consciousness anxiety about not belonging.

An impudent quintet who look like Frida Kahlo let loose in Studio 54, then dropped drunk into Oxfam, The Figs have some brilliant wordplay and real comic timing, but vocal projection is often lost, and some jokes (like the 'Facies' sketch) fall flat, feeling a little underdeveloped.

It is a shame, as they have real potential and charisma: unsettling like a gang who would steal your pocket money at school, before whipping out a handful of bank notes, cackling, particularly dead-eyed Rachel Gammon and impish Sarah Moore. And everything is thrown at this production: Hula hooping to the Vengaboys; juggling; costume changes and satirising their own inadequacies. Yet despite this energy, the show does not cohere.

However, if there's a better electro pop parody than Cilla Black Bean Sauce out there, a tune to rival anything Flight of the Conchords have done, I have yet to hear it.

A little polish and they could be brilliant. 'Branded search engine' them.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until Aug 25, (not 11,19), 2.15pm, £9– £11 (£8.50).

Show Off

  • 2 stars

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