MacBraveheart: The Other Scottish Play (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

4MacBraveheart: The Other Scottish Play

A blend of Macbeth and Braveheart with a political satire edge at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

As the title suggests, this play brings together the stories of Macbeth and Braveheart in a comedy that blends historical drama with current political satire.

After a drink of the scared swally (Buckfast) a witch convinces William Wallace, against the advice of his pal Robert Burns, to murder his master, Robert the Bruce, before he names 'the Salmond' as his successor. The script is brilliantly written, the traditional style associated with Macbeth interspersed with modern Scots slang and contemporary references, and delivered with perfect comic timing.

Much emphasis is given to the fact that this is a 'very important play'. The phrase is used on the documentary video that's playing as the audience enter and repeated again during the staged Q&A. It pokes fun at the search for important cultural explorations of the referendum debate and unashamedly offers an 'I don't know' option to the yes/no question.

MacBraveheart also offers itself up for mockery with deliberately low budget effects: asides are spoken into a torch and the Bruce shouts his dramatic slaughter scene in from the side of the stage. It might not stand the test of time in the archive of legendary Scottish stories but it has a hilarious time trying.

Assembly Rooms, 220 4348, until 24 Aug (not 11), £10 (£9).

MacBraveheart: The Other Scottish Play

  • 4 stars

Futuristic adaptation of The Scottish Play.