City of the Blind (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

City of the Blind

David Leddy's online thriller at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Theatrical iconoclast David Leddy’s online thriller is an astonishing achievement, in technical and dramatic terms. It delves into some of the rawest, most distressing areas of human activity and forces you to confront them in detail and at length.

Using surveillance videos, bugged recordings, hacked emails and the like, it offers a damning indictment of the United Nations’ record on policing its own darker activities. New recruit Cassandra Al-Khatib (a compelling Claire Knight) investigates sexual war crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, casting the viewer as voyeur and asking us to question everything we see and hear.

A double bill with live show Horizontal Collaboration, Leddy crams in epic vistas of horror and confusion into six half-hour episodes, and his slow unveiling of plot is masterful – even if some of the acting is a little unconvincing, which, in a work where you’re suspicious of everything you experience, makes things even more disorientating.

There are even moments of bleak humour, but should you ever think he’s going too far, Leddy provides background material to prove that even his darkest revelations are all based on truth. A deeply unsettling, unforgettable experience.

Online from, Traverse, £8.99.

City of the Blind

  • 4 stars

Innovative downloadable political thriller, inspired by real events, from writer/director David Leddy.