The Generation of Z: Edinburgh (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

The Generation of Z: Edinburgh

Entertaining interative zombie show at 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

‘That’s like every movie I absolutely love,’ grins one punter as he emerges, breathless and ecstatic, from immersive action-horror production The Generation of Z. He’s not wrong – all the familiar tropes from modern zombie flicks are present and correct. Creepy, disused urban spaces? Check. Hordes of gruesomely-realised deadheads? Check. A cast of uber-macho grunts who swagger, shout and swear ceaselessly? Big fucking check.

Yet for all its reliance on hackneyed horror standards, The Generation of Z is a massive success. Those one-dimensional character cut-outs mean you’re immediately immersed in events as they occur – you don’t need to waste time figuring out which one’s the hot-head and which one’s the terse but noble leader. Instead, you can focus all your attention on the very real fear of a zombie trying to gnaw your leg off.

The production’s only major hiccup is audience size – groups of 100 are simply too big to corral into an effective scared-shitless unit, even when they are split in two once indoors. It’s unlikely that Royale Productions will willingly halve their income by reducing audience numbers though, so for now just enjoy G of Z for the jumps, the scares, and the elated sense of community spirit you’ll feel when (if) you finally escape.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 25 Aug (not 11, 19), 9pm (& 11.30pm Thu–Sun), £12.

The Generation of Z: Edinburgh

  • 4 stars

New Zealand Season | Royale Productions Have you got what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? The Generation of Z hurls you head first into a world ravaged by the undead. Fight for your future as you journey through a battle against extinction. Set within a maze-like security containment depot swarming with…