Richard Herring: Lord of the Dance Settee (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Richard Herring: Lord of the Dance Settee

Set from Edinburgh Fringe maestro is familiar but still funny

Anyone familiar with Richard Herring’s Fringe output knows that playfulness is a key element to his work. Often this will manifest itself in him being like a kid in the back of the car demanding to know (over and over and over again) whether their final destination has been reached.

The result for his audience is that they will leave the theatre not able to hear ‘yoghurt’ or ‘Ferrero Rocher chocolate’ again without experiencing a cold shiver. With this year’s show, the word ‘manager’ will take on an altogether more sinister future frisson. The Lord of the Dance Settee begins as though it will be another one of those Herring shows which forensically interrogates (or nitpicks) the multi-various interpretations within a lyric or text. This time, as he confesses, there is no great theme, it’s just going to be a compilation of funny stuff. That includes dipping word for word into a story from his own Metro column about a spiky encounter with a disaffected ten-year-old.

But no one should be too hard on him for this. He’s putting on his first play at the Fringe for a long while and, in any case, an underpowered Richard Herring still easily bats away most of the August competition.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 24 Aug, 10.45pm, £12--£14 (£11--£12).

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