Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Goodbye Gunther

This article is from 2014

Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Goodbye Gunther

A visit from the Grim Reaper results in free publicity for Frank Wurzinger

We thought that Big Fat Fringe Bribe season had peaked with the delivery of a real live human being, but we clearly weren't thinking metaphysically enough. The Grim Reaper himself appeared in the List offices to hand out the next bribe (incongruously, a handful of rubber bouncy balls), intoning that all would become clear once we saw his show. He also set off some party poppers, which took ages to clear up after he left.

Goodbye Gunther, a one-man comedy starring Frank Wurzinger and directed by John Wright, is on at Pleasance Dome until 25 Aug (not 6, 18) at 12.50pm. Tickets are £8–£10 (£7–£9).

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Goodbye Gunther

  • 4 stars

Frank Wurzinger Goodbye Gunther is a funny, affectionate and ultimately life-affirming show about death. It's idiosyncratic and a little bit ridiculous, but never trivial. Charmed by Gunther's optimism and dismayed by his denial, we never loose sight of his humanity in this delightful mix of physical comedy, pathos…