Beans on Toast (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Beans on Toast

Playful and lightly enchanting vignettes from Patch of Blue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Patch of Blue’s Beans on Toast conjures a world of bunting, fairy lights, soft furnishings and brightly illuminated vignettes of youthful love. Between them, the six strong ensemble present the star-crossed lovers: Jen and Scott. Passing the roles around themselves from scene to scene, the supporting ensemble are called upon to visualise set-pieces or to generally enrich the joke-stuffed snapshots.

The ensemble provides enthusiasm and the easy delivery of pop-culture zingers suggest an rapid improvisation, were it not for the fluidity of the staging. The scenes are bookended with colourful hand-written placards and dulcet toned folk music performed by the company. There is no shortage of charm from the dynamic ensemble.

However, both the company and the production itself seem to strain when the tone shifts to the serious end of things. The text, which has a kitsch comedic sparkle, struggles to deliver the depth when it comes to the adult lives of the die-hard romantic pair. Perhaps a touch saccharine in places, there is a charm in watching the ensemble at work, playfully stirring the vignettes of well-trodden ground, or as they have it: ‘the sparks that never fade’.

Zoo Southside, 0131 662 6892, until 25 Aug (not 18), £9 (£7).