Aunty Donna (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Aunty Donna

credit: James Penlidis

Stupid, smart, clever and big sketch comedy at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

There are two things that need to be cleared up about Aunty Donna: there are three of them and they’re all men. This Aussie trio present a fresh, very physical take on sketch comedy that verges on the surreal: Broden Kelly, Zachary Ruane and Mark Samual Bonanno leap around the stage bringing to life a variety of weird and wonderful characters from men who fight like kangaroos to teenage smokers.

Underneath their veneer of idiocy is an ingenious and brilliantly crafted show which subverts the usual comedy tropes with unexpected twists and turns. Their opening hipster coffee bar sketch is sharp observation taken to ridiculous extremes, while in one inspired moment they break the fourth wall for the show’s cleverest gag.

The perfect blend of stupid and smart, the fast-paced, hilarious and wonderfully absurd Aunty Donna hardly pause for breath. The transitions between each segment are seamless, with the only minor stumble arriving in the final sketch, simply because it's based on The Ellen DeGeneres Show which doesn't actually broadcast in the UK. It's a shame to go out on this after the manic energy of a strong 50 minutes where they hit their targets so precisely.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 25 Aug (not 11), 10pm, £10.

Aunty Donna

  • 4 stars

Although relative newcomers to the comedy scene, Australian sketch group Aunty Donna have made quite the splash in recent years with their distinct style of sketch comedy. Bold, confronting and surreal, Aunty Donna use a myriad of influences to create something wholly unique and a little bit filthy. With sell-out seasons…