David Trent: Live at Pleasance Courtyard (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

David Trent

Deft takedown of pop culture and current politics’ daftest muppets at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

One man, one Powerpoint slide show, and so many vacuous or sinister numpties in the world, giving David Trent ample inspiration to vent his spleen. The ex-primary school teacher brings his most polished set yet, sweetening some of his angry bile this year. There’s less unfocused hating, and more sugared target missiles, aimed squarely at the heads of bigots and phonies.

Robin Thicke takes a spectacular slaying in Trent’s line by line assassination of his bum-endangering smash hit, ‘Blurred Lines’. Trent wrily ponders whether Thicke might be trying to qualify as a ‘post-post-feminist’, slavishly collating Thicke and Pharrell's bungled statements in defense of the song, then using PhotoShop, subtitles and the pause button to devastatingly good effect.

Michael Gove’s fist-bitingly awkward ‘Wham Rap!’, Nick Griffin’s online cookery show (look out for top chef tips including ‘always remove the foil wrapper from stock cubes’), 2014’s crapper versions of the hip hop hype man and Danny Dyer all line up to get a very joyful taking down, with advanced IT skills from Trent.

Trent looks like Goliath, but thinks like David, and his Charlie Brooker-style bashing of pop culture and current politics’ daftest muppets is very deftly done.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 24 Aug, 9.45pm, £10–12 (£8.50–10.50).

David Trent: Live at Pleasance Courtyard

  • 4 stars

Inventive humour and video-assisted stand-up from the Best Newcomer nominee at the 2012 Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards.