Katie Mulgrew: Happily Ever After (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Katie Mulgrew: Happily Ever After

The gap between Disneyfied myths and real world romance explored at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

What’s a girl to do when, after a lifetime of watching idealised cartoon princesses meeting their prince charmings, reality slowly starts to kick in?

Katie Mulgrew tackles the transition in a highly amiable, enthusiastic and self-deprecating style in what she calls her ‘Lancashire dulcet tones’. She looks at her own experience of dating, getting married, and then honeymooning in Disneyworld, where childhood dream and adult reality collide.

The show also touches on broader attitudes to romance, whether that’s British reserve and cynicism, or the differing pressures on her older sister, and the fact that her toddler niece is already well and truly in the Disney princess target demographic.

Mulgrew says that a lot of gaffer tape has gone into the show, ‘both literally and emotionally’, and it’s a good reflection of the show’s lo-fi charm. She also jokes that ‘there’s something for everyone to get on board’, but it’s true: the show has some genuinely touching moments as well as some choice gags that hit deserving targets close to the knuckle. Just don’t sit in the front row if you don’t want to play a cartoon lobster.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, until 24 Aug (not 12), 8pm, £9--£10 (£7--£8.50).

Katie Mulgrew: Happily Ever After

  • 3 stars

Avalon Promotions Ltd Katie Mulgrew kinda thinks she's a real life Disney princess. She even found her Prince Charming and married him in a massive frock. Now according to Disney philosophy, she's found her happily ever after. Brilliant! Now bloody what? Warning: may contain high levels up optimism, cynicism and some…