Ian Smith: Flappable (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Ian Smith: Flappable

A strong improv/observational comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The show may be called Flappable but affable Yorkshireman Ian Smith proves he can get tough when the going gets rough, seizing the show from what he describes as ‘almost certain disaster’ in the face of technical gremlins. While the projector may have packed in under the venue’s baking temperatures, forcing an impromptu change of agenda, Smith flourishes to deliver a top-notch set in what is his second year at the Fringe.

Improvisation brings out some high-calibre lines as Smith muses on everything from life’s bigger questions to observational, but no less significant, topics such as train journey pitfalls, when characters in soaps don’t recognise that an actor has replaced by someone totally different, and his own ventures into acting. It's a pretty haphazard variety of topics, but is there owt wrong with that?

As for his aim for the audience to leave more certain on various topics than when they arrived, it's safe to say he still manages that. If you’ve ever wanted to know which one’s the pestle and which the mortar, say, then you’re in luck. But if you’re also looking for a smart, well-delivered set and a thoroughly enjoyable hour, then you know where to find that too.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 24 Aug (not 12), 6pm, £9--£10 (£6.50--£7.50).

Ian Smith: Flappable

  • 3 stars

The award-winning comedian returns with a show about uncertainty – or is it?