Stuart Black: The Crossroads (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Stuart Black: The Crossroads

A poetic and eloquent comic storytelling show at Edinburgh's Free Fringe

Stuart Black has reached many crossroads in his 42 years. Some have led to five years on the dole following disastrous exams results, others a psychiatric hospital stay after not taking bath for several months and living in a van as it was easier to travel to comedy gigs that way.

Still, it's all good fodder for his storytelling shows. He looks the part of the worldly wise raconteur too – tall, skinny and pallid in his debonair goth garb, he's a man you're more happy to sit in a small room with and listen to his tales. But they're not tales of woe, just of a life well, if somewhat unconventionally, lived. One that's always taken the more interesting route rather than the one with the most financial rewards.

As many of his adventures have involved the imbibing of large amounts of alcohol and drugs, Black aptly recites a Victorian gentleman scientist's diary cataloguing his attempts at time travel fuelled by laudanum and resulting in events that run uncannily parallel to Black's. It adds a lovely layer to Black's narratives and is beautifully realised giving him a further opportunity to flex his literary muscle. Poetic and eloquent, the whole set is a joy to listen to.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 667 7533, until 24 Aug (not 11, 18), 10pm, free.

Stuart Black – The Crossroads

  • 4 stars

Stuart Black / Free Festival The path of life is full of crossroads. How does anyone make the right moral choice these days? This is a fusion of stand-up comedy, poetic language and storytelling. Stylish and hilarious. Shocking and eloquent. ‘Dangerously funny’ ( ‘Black is certainly speaking a very…