Robert White: The Curious Incident of the Gag and the Gun-crime... Plus More Stuff! (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Robert White: The Curious Incident of the Gag and the Gun-crime... Plus More Stuff!

Uneven Free Fringe comedy show taking in puns, Asperger's and homosexuality

Robert White strikes an odd note from the off as he enters the stage dressed in a bin bag and playing the trumpet. Once the show proper starts, it is still difficult to get a handle on what he’s trying to pull off.

White has Asperger’s and uses his place on the autistic spectrum to frame his jokes and make meta-commentary on their reception, making much of his difficulty in reading people. He is similarly difficult to read. A large amount of his material is made up of groan-worthy puns, some of which land, but their abundance reaps diminishing returns. Many of his quips seem to reveal a mean-spiritedness, coming across as offensive without being funny enough to justify it.

He also makes a big deal out of being gay and, pretending to make advances towards a member of the audience whom he assumes is straight, exhibits an irksome heteronormativity. In 2014 talking about anal sex is not shocking and does not make one unique.

A performer can get away with a lot if they keep the laughter rolling in but White is yet to find an audience for his brand of humour.

Heroes @ The Hive, 226 0000, until 24 Aug (not 11, 18), 5.30pm, pay what you want (£5 in advance).

Robert White - The Curious Incident of the Gag and the Gun-Crime… Plus More Stuff!

  • 2 stars

Robert White / Heroes (PWYW) Before comedy Robert did 67 jobs in seven years, went to prison for a practical joke and wrote symphonies for his sock-puppet. In this show we see how the only Asperger’s, gay, dyslexic, cross-lateral, webbed-toed, ex-con, musical comedian turned the comedy from his life into a life of comedy.