Larry Dean: Scottish Comedian of the Year 2013 (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Larry Dean: Scottish Comedian of the Year 2013

An amiable hour that goes nowhere

The show title Scottish Comedian of the Year 2013 isn’t one that inspires a lot of hope in this comedy reviewer. For a start, it’s just lazy – unlike, say, Stewart Lee’s 41st Best Stand-Up, there’s no sense of ironic detachment. Secondly, it has the telltale whiff of a Scottish BAFTA – an award that, while signifying you’re not totally hopeless in your chosen creative field, arguably implies you can’t quite cut it in the nationals (sorry Scottish BAFTA winners). And thirdly, it gives the impression that the title-holder may well have already peaked, and is currently coasting on past glories.

Whatever Larry Dean did to win last year’s tournament, it’s absent tonight. Sure, Dean is chatty, personable and lovely to be around – he works the crowd well, and his anecdotes about coming out to his family and friends have an amiable fondness about them – but there are only about three jokes that raise laughs rather than titters, and there’s an over-reliance on stereotypical observations of gay culture (‘don’t camp men seem to be having a great time?’). It’s an amiable hour that goes nowhere and is ultimately hard to recommend; at the very least, Dean should have gone with his original show title: Stockhomo Syndrome.

Beehive Inn, 225 7171, until 24 Aug, 9.10pm, £9--£12.

Larry Dean: Scottish Comedian of the Year 2013

  • 2 stars

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