Juliette Burton: Look at Me (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Juliette Burton: Look at Me

Helena G Anderson, MUA Hollie Croucher

Heartfelt and infectiously positive 'docucomedy' show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Dressed all in pink, Juliette Burton bounds on stage with unbridled enthusiasm. She's a perky and effervescent performer but this sparkly façade hides a darker truth (mild spoilers ahead): Burton was once anorexic (weighing just four stone as a teenager), then a compulsive eater, then bulimic. For most of her life she's struggled with food and body issues which led to several extended, and sometimes enforced, hospitalisations. All of which might make Look at Me sound like a total downer were it not for Burton's infectious positive outlook.

She bills the show as 'docucomedy' rather than straight stand-up. Utilising confessionals, a big screen and video footage, she examines the questions surrounding perceptions of the human form. There are secretly-filmed clips featuring herself dressed as a man, an old woman and more to gauge the public's reaction to various body types.

Examining sexism, magazines, photoshopping, fashion, celebrity and self-worth it's a smart, perceptive show. Female audience members might find even more to relate to in Burton's journey; however everyone will warm to her honesty and candour. Pleasantly funny and at times genuinely moving, it might not boast the biggest laughs on this year's Fringe but it does have heart.

Gilded Balloon at Teviot, 662 6552, until 25 Aug (not 13), 2.45pm, £8 – £10 (£7 – £9).

Juliette Burton: Look at Me

  • 3 stars

A docu-comedy from the stand-up and actress and former member of duo Mace And Burton.