Cupcakes with Colebrook and Khoshsokhan (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Cupcakes with Colebrook and Khoshsokhan

A two-hander combining in-your-face clowning, subtle discomforts and cakes at the Free Fringe

Joining forces and halving the risk of putting on a Fringe show, George Colebrook and Amir Khoshsokhan each contribute a very different 20-minute set. Colebrook short-circuits the expected set-up / joke structure and replaces it with an unsettling interactive breed of clowning. Using mime, smatterings of foreign language and odd vocalisations he eschews stage conventions and pushes the audience into their discomfort zone with an act more akin to Red Bastard’s audience-baiting than The Boy with Tape on his Face’s crowd-pleasing. While being scared rigid in a basement is not everyone’s idea of comedy, the honesty of the interaction between performer and audience is a refreshing antidote to other shows’ seemingly ubiquitous self-deprecating anecdotes about online dating.

Also refreshing to the palate among a Fringe diet of the louder, the brasher and the zanier is Khoshsokhan’s wide-eyed, soft-voiced, male ingénue. On the outs with his girlfriend, he recounts a relationship through an ironic façade, playing the audience’s discomfort in much more subtle ways. More conventional than Colebrook, he treats the crowd to a neat little set containing a series of domino pay-offs.

It's not that Colebrook and Khoshsokhan aren't worthy of the few minutes they ask of your time, but they're competing with many other shows that are more deserving. Although those shows probably don't have cupcakes.

Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, 221 9759, until 24 Aug, noon, free.

Cupcakes with Colebrook and Khoshsokhan

  • 2 stars

George Colebrook and Amir Khoshsokhan / Free Festival Full of cheek, promise and self-effacing charm, George Colebrook and Amir Khoshsokhan are two young comics armed with jokes, talent and cupcakes! In this Edinburgh show, they want to make you chuckle so hard that you spit your crumbs out. With their distinctive…