Bren and Jenny: Hello (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Bren and Jenny: Hello

Brendan Murphy and Jenny Bede present a fun, spirited chat-show parody at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Brendan Murphy and Jenny Bede morph into troubled hosts of ‘the longest running daytime chat show in history’ plus all their equally dysfunctional crew and guests for this hour of loosely linked sketches and songs. Raggedy in a likeable way, ‘The Hello Show’ this is definitely an enjoyable hour and cheap at the price, albeit with a few sections where the jokes get a bit thin on the ground.

It feels like a show that will develop as the run goes on, with the best ad-libs staying and the waffle going. Murphy seems much more at ease with improvising, though it’s hard to tell what’s Bede and what’s her desperately flailing TV host. ‘Bren’ also has a flair for the more absurd (and, from an agony-aunt robot to a crazily drug-addled folk singer, the better characters to play), while Bede is a great singer whose talents shine in witty numbers sung in the guise of some more prosaic characters. The pair’s interpretation of two privileged interns, plonked into the production company through Daddy’s influence, is a tired Gap Yah rip-off, and these sections, while they drive the narrative, are too long. Overall, though, this is fun, spirited and well worth an hour of your time.

Freestival St Mary’s,, until 24 Aug (not 13), 5pm, free.

Bren and Jenny: Hello!

  • 3 stars

Bren and Jenny's / La Favorita Freestival Dynamic new comedy in the guise of a daytime TV chat show from the award-winning Jenny Bede: ‘Hilarious’ (Metro), ‘very funny’ (Heat), ‘rising star’ (Sun); and Brendan Murphy: ‘Brilliant’ (, ‘brilliant’ (Guardian), ‘brilliant’ (ThreeWeeks). An hour of stand-up…