Another Name for Thesaurus (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Another Name for Thesaurus

Charming New Zealand folk music with a comedy edge at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This show is billed as comedy but would be better described as folk music performed by a charismatic New Zealander. Rather charmingly Fraser Ross collects his own tickets and performs his own tech before taking to the stage. Ross is both an accomplished singer, hitting an impressive range of bluesy notes, and a skilled guitarist. His folky songs cover issues of class and politics with several simply odes to enjoying a drink and a good time. The humour is found in his arsenal of comedy noises: there’s a duck, some impressive miaowing and the opening number ‘I Want to Lick Your Pussy Dry’, known simply as 'the La La La song' to his mum, features a high-speed tongue wagging sound that the audience need almost no encouragement to attempt. Ross’s laidback demeanour and quiet confidence puts everyone at ease and allows for genuine spontaneity; a girl dressed in belly dancing gear joins him to spin hypnotically and a kilted man performs an impromptu Highland fling in the encore. The audience is reluctant to leave, not just because he isn't on hand to put the house lights up, but because there is a sense that the easy going jam will continue late into the night.

Surgeons Hall, 0845 508 8515, until 16 Aug (not 10), 9.40pm, £7 (£5).

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Another Name for Thesaurus

  • 3 stars

Fraser Ross Exploring humour in sincerity, whilst explaining how to lick a pussy dry, ‘New Zealand’s best-kept musical secret’ (Capital Times) has his finger on the pulse and a tongue in his cheek. A bit of a ratbag, and a goofball wordsmith, Fraser Ross’s folk songs get the fun in ya, pretty deep. With ideas that can…