Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Rat: Induction

This article is from 2014

Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Rat: Induction

The Free Fringe sketch trio keep us sweet with some edible rodents

Bribes to alleviate boredom are all very well, but they don't give us the artificially-sweetened energy we need to get us through the hectic Fringe days. Thank heavens, then, for sketch comedy trio Rat, who sent us two jumbo tubs of rodent-shaped goodies to keep us jittery through the witching hour.

Rat's Edinburgh debut, Induction, takes place at Just the Tonic at the Tron from 31 Jul – 24 Aug (not 12) at 2.20pm, as part of the Free Fringe.

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Rat: Induction

  • 4 stars

Rat Rat are the voices in your head, the thoughts you have late at night, the stuff you scream inside but never say. In a fast paced show, Rat will take you on a hilarious and sometimes dark journey through human existence. You'll laugh. You may cry. You may cry some more. You'll do one more small laugh, then it ends.