RSA: Open Dialogues (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

RSA: Open Dialogues

Stuart McAdam - Lines Lost Performative walk with Simon Yates, 2013

Group show from six New Contemporaries artists, including Jonny Lyons, Stuart McAdam and Eva Ullrich

It’s six years since the annual RSA Student Exhibition morphed into New Contemporaries, a selected show for new graduates chosen from all Scotland’s art schools. As part of GENERATION, the RSA is showing new work by six of those artists, one for each year since New Contemporaries began.

What emerges, perhaps surprisingly, is a dialogue around the theme of landscape. The highly textured abstract paintings of Eva Ullrich are suggestive of weather and the elements, while Ernesto Canovas’ oil-on-board triptych and diptych evoke mountains, trees and the night sky. Nigeria-born Ade Adesina describes the encroachment of the urban and its impact on the environment in his superb etchings, while Geri Loup Nolan demonstrates something of her practice in a ‘distilled reworking’ of her studio, a set of new collages and an artist’s book inspired by a recent residency in Ireland.

Both Stuart McAdam and Jonny Lyons make performance work; Lyons the ‘derring-do’ variety, detonating a box of fireworks in front of him and smoking down the barrel of a rifle, while McAdam’s work is a series of journeys, made on foot, by bicycle and canoe, documented by a fascinating range of photographs, films and objects.

Royal Scottish Academy, 624 6556, until 31 Aug, free.

Open Dialogues

  • 4 stars

Work by Ibraheem Adeyemi Adesina, Ernesto Canovas, Geri Loup Nolan, Stuart McAdam, Eva Ullrich plus one additional artist from the RSA 2014 New Contemporaries show.